Infectious Disease

Post-COVID Symptoms

primary care case management

Clinics turn to AristaMD to assist with primary care case management. Knowing when to refer a patient is as important as managing patient referrals. About half of patients that are referred never seek the guidance of a specialist. Primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants use physician to physician consultation to:

  • Improve access to care.
  • Increase the likelihood that the patient will receive the appropriate treatment.
  • Expand the service offering available within the practice.
  • Manage the cost of care, particularly among those clinics that assume risk.

Infectious Disease

Post-COVID Symptoms

I am not sure what to do for my patient’s post-COVID symptoms. 59 year old, female patient was diagnosed at the end of November.

  • 2x vaccinated
  • Continued severe fatigue – can barely stay awake in the exam room
  • Reports severe dyspena on exertion; not dyspneic in exam room (Ambulatory 02 normal, vitals remained normal)
  • Recent CT of lungs normal
  • CBC, CMP, BNP normal

I think this is due to the complex nature of this virus. She’ll likely need time to recover.

  • Do you have any further recommendations for the dyspnea?
  • Do you know what is causing the dyspnea in absence of CT findings?

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Primary Care Case Management Using eConsults

Step 1:  The primary care provider submits a physician consult request using AristaMD. Required specialty, images, patient history, and related clinical documentation are included in the distant site telehealth request.

Step 2: A U.S. based, board certified specialist reviews the patient’s chart, comments from the primary care provider and the images.

Step 3: The eConsult specialist sends recommendations and patient resources to the requesting provider via the AristaMD platform. The response will include recommendations and resources that are useful in the development of a treatment plan for you patient.

Step 4: In the final step, AristaMD uploads the eConsult response and notifies the provider by email. At this time, the provider can ask questions of the specialist or simply close the request.