How can clinics improve specialist selection?

Primary care providers that want to improve the patient referral process, often look to the specialist selection process to gain efficiency. In this video, Cory Wilson, sales executive at AristaMD, discusses how referral management:

Encourages patients to see specialists by getting them scheduled quickly.

  • We use decision-support scheduling to find an in-network provider to make sure the appointment is made quickly.
  • Rules-based scheduling and search functionality allows your staff to schedule patients faster — increasing the likelihood that the patient sees a specialist and avoids out-of-network providers.

Improves care continuity for patients.

  • We leverage in-application tools to enhance communication between the referring physician, specialist, and patient. We’re lowering costs for patients, decreasing travel, and decreasing unnecessary specialist visits.
  • We also allow you to send and receive the patient’s medical history and treatment plan to ensure that you can reduce expensive duplicate or inappropriate tests.

Grow in-network referrals

  • You’re able to access features that support value-based care: like identifying in-network providers, viewing specialty and sub-specialty details, and verifying insurance eligibility.

See how our tool improves the patient referral process.


Selecting the right specialist with using referral management

Let’s go ahead and get started and talk about the first way to optimize the referral process, which is to improve specialist selection. Selecting the right specialists with using referral management.

Let’s talk about how that affects the patient in a positive way. So electronic transfer of patient history and patient notifications deliver faster appointments for patients. In-network, location and subspecialty search functions are gonna make sure that costs are lower for patients. We’re decreasing patients travel as well is decreasing unnecessary specialist visits for the patient. We’re also gonna give your staff the ability to attach complete patient history to a referral. So that’s gonna reduce any inexpensive duplicate or inappropriate tests for patients if otherwise referred out.

Leverage a Physician Referral Service to Capture Revenue

Leverage a physician referral service to capture revenue

More and more practices are looking to a physician referral service to improve the referral process and capture more revenue. A study of 105 million referrals by the Archives of Internal Medicine found that only about half resulted in a visit to the specialist. This means roughly 50% of the time, patients fail to receive the care they need, and specialists do not capture the most revenue. The reasons for this are several as the patient referral and follow up process is complex. For most practices, determining which specialists work with a patient’s insurance and considering patient preferences around location and availability is a manual, time-consuming process. One study showed that less than 50% of adult inpatient care remained within a health system, leading to network leakage, while another study found one-third of patients are lost. While some leakage is to be expected due to lack of clinical specialties, location, patient preference, capacity restrictions, or narrow network availability, most of it can be avoided by use of an online, referral system.

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