Specialty Practices Improve Efficiency with Electronic Referrals

June 29, 2023

Specialty Practices Improve Efficiency with Electronic Referral Tools

Electronic referrals that enhance efficiency are more crucial than ever amidst growing patient populations and mounting administrative burdens. Specialty care practices face patient intake and referral scheduling challenges that demand innovative solutions. Advanced technology can streamline practice operations, optimize patient care delivery and maximize limited practice resources. By leveraging referral management tools that increase efficiency, specialists can effectively navigate these challenges and provide high-quality, accessible healthcare to their communities.

PowerForms Put You in Control

Instead of relying on paper-based referrals and your patients to coordinate care, electronic referrals allow your practice to transmit the necessary information and documents online securely. The advantages of sending referrals electronically include improved efficiency and time savings for your staff. By using online referral management, the need for manual data entry is reduced. Your staff doesn’t have to spend time typing or writing out patient information and details about the condition onto paper forms or calling the referring practice because the fax machine jammed. Instead, your staff can receive information within one electronic system that can easily capture referrals and communicate with referring providers with just a few clicks. AristaMD PowerForms allow PCPs to send a referral and attach the patient history, visit notes, lab work and imaging quickly. In addition, the form is built for your practice so that you can include questions specific to your specialty and clinical workflow. Gathering this information online frees up time for your team so that they can focus on more critical aspects of patient care.

One advantage of PowerForms is the ability to customize the type of information sent to your patients. 

Custom questions on the form allow you to gather details like: 

  • The patient’s willingness to receive surgery
  • Whether a biopsy or other diagnostics have been performed
  • Unsuccessful treatment plans

AristaMD PowerForms allow referring practices to verify insurance and communicate referral information to the specialty care practice without a fax machine.

Encourage Electronic Referrals with a Desktop Shortcut

Specialty care practices need electronic referral forms to simplify the referral process and increase efficiency. PowerForms eliminate the need for paper-based documentation, making the process simpler and more convenient for both primary care physicians and specialty care practices. Physicians can fill out the form electronically, saving time and effort. With PowerForms, specialists can securely receive patient referrals directly from the practice’s website. One of the benefits is the ability to email a desktop shortage that facilitates the referral management process for the providing practice. By doing this, you are always top-of-mind among referring practices because sending electronic referrals to your practice is easy.

How it works:

1. Your practice sends the PCP your shortcut directly via email.
2. The primary care practice drags your company icon right into their desktop.
3. When they want to make a referral, the referral coordinator only needs to double click on your practices icon.
4. The referral coordinator answers patient prompts and sends over the referral.

A desktop shortcut makes it easy to send your practice electronic referrals.

Streamlined Workflows Improve Efficiency, Optimize Resource Utilization and Reduce Unnecessary Administrative Costs

Overall, referral management offers specialty practices a range of benefits, including time savings, streamlined workflows, improved efficiency, enhanced communication, reduced errors, access to valuable analytics, and potential cost savings. By leveraging technology to optimize referral processes, specialty practices can provide better patient care, improve outcomes, and enhance overall practice performance. This consistency ensures that referrals are processed promptly and accurately, reducing the risk of errors or missed appointments. It also allows for better coordination among staff members involved in the referral process.


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