2020 WMIF | Digital health becomes a pillar: Tools, payment and data

May 14, 2020

Digital health becomes a pillar
The Partners HealthCare World Innovation Summit was held May 11th, 2020. The session titled “Digital Health Becomes a Pillar: Tools, Payment, and Data”, presented by thought leaders in the digital health, pathology, and emergency medicine fields spoke to the future of digital health as it takes on a new level of importance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hear from Chief Information and Digital Health Officer at Mass General Brigham, Adam Landman, and AristaMD CEO Brooke LeVasseur.
“AristaMD is such a critical component to the remote care delivery model that is being championed during this pandemic. Connecting Primary Care providers to specialists in an asynchronous model empowers the front-line to deliver the highest and most efficient level of care, reducing the overall healthcare burden and improving the health of our most vulnerable populations with chronic disease.”
Brooke LeVasseur, CEO AristaMD

The World Medical Innovation Forum is an annual global gathering of more than 1,700 senior health care leaders in the heart of Boston. This year, given the global pandemic, it was a 1-day virtual event to convene thought leaders in responding to the intensifying transformation of health care and its impact on innovation. The Forum is rooted in the belief that no matter the magnitude or origin of that change, the center of health care needs to be a shared, fundamental commitment to collaborative innovation – industry and academia working together to improve patient lives. This virtual event included top industry leader panel discussions, CEO fireside chats, and live Q&A.