Managing through difficult times – Incorporating new data and tools to make your job easier



Pam Gould, RN, MHA (Biography), Chief Growth Officer at AristaMD
Jon Gautsch (Biography), Senior Vice President of Engineering at AristaMD

Unprecedented times call for new and innovative approaches to delivering care. Healthcare professionals and organizations continue to struggle with staff turnover, increased patient demand, and changing care delivery expectations and reimbursement models.

Pam Gould, RN, MHA, Chief Growth Officer and Jon Gautsch, Senior Vice President of Engineering at AristaMD, suggest practical solutions for payers, health systems, ACOs and, most importantly, providers use to overcome these challenges. Particularly those that prevent patients from getting the care they need when and where they need it. During this presentation, you will learn how to leverage data and technology to:

  • Reduce the impact of staff turnover and provider shortages.
  • Optimize the selection and direction of in-network referrals.
  • Improve care coordination and outcomes.
  • Manage wait times for specialty care.

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Chief Growth Officer at AristaMD

A registered nurse with an extensive clinical background, Pam brings over 20 years of healthcare industry experience. Her healthcare career began with clinical nursing in the acute, sub-acute, home-health care, and case management settings. Today, her focus is healthcare sales, sales management and training. Prior to joining AristaMD, Pamela served as the SVP of payer strategies for Happify Health. She holds a master’s degree in healthcare administration and is an active member of the ANA.



Senior Vice President of Engineering at AristaMD

Jon Gautsch, Sr. Vice President of Engineering, leads and directs our agile healthcare technology and software team and brings years of experience managing and architecting software engineering projects. He joined AristaMD following the acquisition of Preferral, a referral management, analytics and document routing company, which he founded in 2014. Jon served as the Chief Technology Officer of Preferral until January 2022. He has also developed proprietary technology to some of the largest health informatics companies.