AristaMD Acquires Referral Management Solution, Preferral, to Increase Patient Access to Specialty Care.

Latest investment to address the growing need to align patient access to timely specialty advice in the appropriate care setting.

Accessing specialty care shouldn't be difficult.

Patients across the country are waiting months, and often traveling far distances, to get the care they need.

AristaMD changes this.

Who We Are

At AristaMD, we envision a world where all patients have timely, cost-effective access to health care. Our mission is to use technology to facilitate collaboration between health care providers in order to expedite time to treatment, decrease costs and drive better patient outcomes.

Our leading eConsult platform provides a telehealth solution to primary care providers with the ability to conduct electronic consults, also known as eConsults, to collaborate with a board-certified panel of on-call specialists. eConsults deliver more timely, high-quality care than today’s status quo.

Increase Access

Lower Cost

Improve Outcomes

Over 70% of routine clinical referrals can be addressed by eConsults.


Today, millions of patients struggle to get timely access to specialists – resulting in poor outcomes and higher cost of care, impacting everyone across the healthcare spectrum.

Expand Your Network with a Panel of Top-Quality On-Demand Specialists

AristaMD’s eConsult platform improves access and reduces costs to transform patient care.

A Proven eConsult Solution that Adds Value to Health Systems, Payors, Providers, and Patients 1,2


Approximate decrease in ED visits and hospitalizations


More than 70% of patients avoided face-to-face visits


Significant impact to care plan

Who We Serve


Increase timely access to care. Reduce costs. Improve patient experience.

eConsults significantly reduce unnecessary referrals and downstream healthcare spending, including unnecessary testing, duplicative diagnostics and avoidable ED admissions and readmissions. The ability to access specialty care – fast, within the primary care setting, improves the patient experience and positively impacts quality ratings.

Health Systems

Improve network management. Increase patient satisfaction. Ensure all physicians are operating at the top of their license.

eConsults improve network management and reduce leakage. Your health system’s specialists can leverage eConsults to empower local PCPs to treat lower-acuity, less complex issues – thereby freeing up access for more patients who need in-person specialty care the most, to be seen more quickly.


Expand clinical capacities. Improve care coordination. Increase patient retention.

An eConsult platform is an invaluable tool within any PCP practice to ensure patients get the timely, specialist-guided treatment they need. More than 70% of routine clinical referrals, with the guidance of virtual specialists, can be immediately treated by PCPs. eConsults help to providers to operate at the top of license, increasing job satisfaction and positively impacting patient care.


Get faster access to care. Lower out-of-pocket expense. Receive care where you are.

Faced with barriers in access including coverage, transportation, appointment availability, and financial burdens, patients just aren’t getting the care they need, when they need it. Waiting for, or forgoing, necessary care results in deteriorating conditions, reduced quality of life and compounded health problems. eConsults reduce unnecessary referrals by 70%, allowing patients to be treated within the comfort of their primary care setting, thereby alleviating unnecessarily inconvenience and stress, reducing out-of-pocket expenses, and improving overall patient satisfaction.

Access to Specialty Care with the AristaMD eConsult Platform

Curious how eConsults work?

Watch our short video to learn how AristaMD’s specialist eConsult platform is empowering primary care providers to leverage board-certified specialists in over 70 specialty areas to reduce unnecessary referrals, improve care coordination, reduce costs, and increase patient satisfaction.

AristaMD’s specialist eConsult platform empowers primary care providers to leverage board-certified specialists in over 70 specialty areas to reduce unnecessary referrals, improve care coordination, reduce costs, and increase patient satisfaction.