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eConsult Solutions that Improve Quality of Care

We’re focused on improving patient outcomes through more timely access to specialty care.


AristaMD’s Smart Care Platform provides eConsult solutions to empower primary care providers with clinical workup checklists and the ability to conduct electronic consults. Designed to seamlessly integrate into clinical workflows, the platform allows payers and providers to quickly and cost-effectively launch specialist eConsults using their own specialists or those provided by AristaMD’s board-certified panel of specialists. The Smart Care Platform has proven to deliver cost-effective, timely access to specialty care through eConsults, significantly reducing the need for face-to-face visits. Committed to driving better health outcomes, AristaMD partners with healthcare stakeholders to ensure their success in the transition to value-based care.

Meet Our Team

Brooke LeVasseur

Adam Darkins

Dereck Tatman, Ph.D.

Justin Nelson, SVP Sales AristaMD

Justin Nelson

Dr. Ed Cladera, AristaMD Medical Director

Ed Cladera, M.D.

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