Physician eConsultation allows primary care providers and their patients to receive expert advice on wound care treatment and a variety of other specialties. This telehealth benefits include reducing patient referral wait time, increasing the likelihood that the patient will receive care and lowering the usage of emergency services. 

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Physician eConsultation provides benefits to the practice and the patient.

There’s real value in engaging in a specialist physician eConsultation. The primary care provider gains access to very focal experience. The provider receives good site of care alternatives, and the patient can be seen in any setting. Physician eConsultation is performed in long-term care facilities, home care, urgent care clinics, and doctor’s offices. This form of telehealth is called store-and-forward.

eConsults with a specialist also prevents your patient from leaving your practice because they are seeing a specialist in another location or were forced to visit the emergency department. When a primary care providers uses a specialist physician eConsultation, the PCP can keep the patient in the health system, which is extremely important.

The patients also see a variety of benefits from physician-to-physician consultation, including access to specialist care in rural communities that may not have a wound care clinic. Even in metropolitan areas, patients are often limited by their own ability to travel to a wound care clinic.  Myra Varnado at Corstrata provided care to five patients in New York during a single month.

Sample eConsult: Wound Care

Wound Care via distant site telehealth