Dr. Shantanu Nundy, author of Care After Covid, discusses how virtual online consultations, or eConsults, can reinvent healthcare.

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Can virtual online consultations change how we deliver patient care?

We need to start thinking about different kinds of virtual consultations. For example, if we have someone that’s facing a financial or logistical barrier that could be an opportunity to request an eConsults. Mental health is a great example.

Primary care providers (PCP) can’t send everybody to a therapist or a psychiatrist. There’s not enough behavioral health providers in the United States. How do we leverage eConsults to be able to empower the PCP, to make more diagnoses and to manage more treatment within the four walls of primary care, even for things like value based care.

Another example is radiology. Radiologists are under utilized in healthcare. How do we, as part of getting someone an MRI or a CT, can we actually consult with the radiologist beforehand and get his, or her perspective on which imaging modality is recommended and should it be with contrast?

There’s a huge potential for us to, to re-imagine care leveraging a technology like the console.

Virtual Online Consultations