Primary care physician referral to specialist recommendations for wound care

After a primary care physician referral to a specialist is complete, the eConsult specialist will provide a suspected diagnosis as well as treatment recommendations. In this video, a certified wound and ostomy care nurse explains the type of specialist recommendations that are sent back to the primary care provider for a lower extremity wound.

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What happens during a primary care physician referral to specialist?

Whether you are located in a metropolitan area or you are seeking distant site telehealth, eConsults provider a cost effective solution for your patients to receive expert advice from a specialist. The processing primary care physician referral to specialist is the same regardless of the specialty.

  • The primary care provider send the patient complaint, health and medication history, images and any to lab work related to the complaint in a physician consult request using AristaMD or the practice’s EHR.
  • A member of our contracted telehealth specialist panel reviews the information provided by the physician or advanced practitioner regarding the patient complaint.
  • The eConsult specialist send a suspected diagnosis and treatment plan back to the primary care provider or advanced practitioner. This response may include follow-up recommendations or even a request that the patient receive immediate emergency care.
  • The requesting provider receives an email notification that the eConsult request is complete. The provider can then access the response in the AristaMD platform or the practice’s EHR. The system also allows both the requesting provider and the responding specialist to ask questions.

Sample eConsult: Wound Care

Wound Care via distant site telehealth