Step by step process for requesting eConsults for distant site telehealth

Requesting an eConsult is easy. In this video, Myra Varnado, a certified wound and ostomy care nurse at Corstrata, explains how to request virtual consultations using the AristaMD telehealth technology.

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Distant site telehealth for wound care


AristaMD works with Corstrata, a distant site telehealth company that provides access to certified wound and ostomy nurse specialist. In this video, Myra Varnado discusses the process of ordering an eConsult for wound care.

Step 1:  The primary care provider submits a physician consult request using AristaMD. Images, patient history, and related clinical documentation are included in the distant site telehealth request.

Step 2: A wound and ostomy care nurse reviews the patient’s chart, comments from the primary care provider and the images.

Step 3: The nurse sends recommendations and patient resources to the requesting provider via the AristaMD platform. If it’s a wound dressing, the nurse may provide patient education on how to dress the wound and keep it clean until the wound is fully healed.

Step 4: In the final step, AristaMD uploads the eConsult response and notifies the provider by email. At this time, the provider can ask questions of the wound care nurse or simply close the distant site telehealth case.

Sample eConsult: Wound Care

Wound Care via distant site telehealth