4 ways clinics can optimize the referral process​

Learn how primary care practices and clinics can improve the referral process using online referral management solutions like those offered by AristaMD.

This year, AristaMD acquired Preferral, a referral management company, to expedite time to treatment, decrease costs and drive better patient outcomes. See a demo of the platform and learn 4 ways our referral management platform can improve your referral process:

1. Improve specialist selection
2. Save time coordinating referrals
3. Increase compliance with faster scheduling
4. Close the patient care loop

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Managing Patient Referrals with Less Staff and Money

When the patient referrals add up, you realize that sometimes it takes a crisis to force us to consider other options. One of the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic for physician practices is the need for primary care physicians to refer patients to specialist is increasing while the resources (staff and money) with which to accomplish the tasks are diminished. The traditional primary care to specialist referral process is very labor intensive requiring multiple telephone calls and faxes. An alternative to consider is to automate the referral process through a cloud-based program. Adopting a cloud- based referral systems such as Preferral is a very cost efficient and effective way to facilitate making and receiving patient referrals.

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