An eConsult Solution You Can Trust- AristaMD

Telehealth and telemedicine technology is changing the healthcare industry by expanding knowledge to be used within practice to patients’ advantage.

Partnering with an organization you trust is crucial; learn more about one leader’s experience with AristaMD.

Video transcript:

“The word technology really means knowledge. We think of this as technology, however, it’s really not. AristaMD is an expansion of knowledge- a natural way of providing care, and how we use that knowledge in practice. I can’t say enough about it.

I ask myself, and we ask ourselves as clinicians: you know we’re all busy and challenged with an excess of demand and aspiring to do high-quality work and achieve excellence in our medical practice. Yet, we are faced with many different challenges along the way.

How often do you have the opportunity as a clinician to adopt a technology that accelerates the patient care plan with subject matter expertise from specialists, that enhances the service, improves the diagnostic pathways, lowers the cost of care,  improves the quality and doesn’t really take any more time than the time you are already using?

This is a golden opportunity for us as clinicians to take the step to accept the challenge and adopt the leadership that it takes to advance care. We’re faced with many challenges throughout the county and AristaMD is the way to advance in a short period of time and it’s right there for us to take the opportunity. In time, this will be a standard practice, and what clinicians will come to expect emerging from their residencies. For specialists, it’s great as they are much more closely bonded to their referral team and making a difference themselves, that’s unique and makes for a great technology.

The takeaway is the benefit to advancing clinical practice – the knowledge that you are making a difference in your practice, and the knowledge that you can potentially change the modern practice of medicine that we know, in a very meaningful way. These are the things it takes to make Medicare and Medicaid sustainable as we tackle all of the challenges of healthcare.”