AristaMD’s UCSF Academic Roots

Learn more about how AristaMD’s eConsult platform is rooted in proven UCSF clinical content.

By leveraging clinical content originally developed by University of California San Francisco (UCSF) providers are easily able to access the most recent, proven clinical workup recommendations on ~300 conditions to ensure efficient and effective care through our clinical workup checklists.

“The checklists were developed at UCSF and I think that that creates a lot of buy-in, right out of the gate. Because, without that it solely depends on everyone practicing the best they can. Everyone knows when you measure a cohort of clinicians with any sort of clinical challenge there’s a lot of variation along the path to what’s acceptable for the standard of care. Variation usually translates to less than efficient care.

When you’re able to easily bring up the most efficient evidence-based process for preparing a specialty eConsult it actually accelerates the road to efficiency and effective care.”