Increased Care Coordination Through eConsults

eConsults provide a level of comfort for physicians, at all levels, as they are being supported by documented specialist recommendations.

Allow your providers to practice collaboratively with trust and security. AristaMD eConsults provide the opportunity to continually learn and increase your care knowledge base.

Video transcript:

“The eConsult platform provides a level of comfort to the practice of the primary care clinician. No matter what level they’re at the clinician is going to be confident that they’re practicing within the scope of training and standards of care for the community because they’re being supported by the specialists whose recommendations are documented in the patient record, that’s huge.

Over time what’s generated professional fulfillment is the fact that the clinician is always able to learn and to improve his/her clinical acumen. The first two or three times the clinician makes that dermatology referral chances are that he/she is learning something. By the fourth or fifth time the clinician can make that referral with an expanded comfort zone that he/she didn’t have before.

You can talk to any of my clinicians, and they’ll tell you the stories that stick out in their minds from their own experiences. One of the stories relayed to me was the case of a patient that had a skin lesion that wasn’t typical in its presentation. A photograph was taken of the lesion and was submitted as part of the eConsult. The recommendation was ‘you may as well refer to your local dermatologist, this is a basal cell carcinoma that should be attended to by its location sooner rather than later.’”