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Primary Care

PCP solution to specialist shortages eConsults: Using Primary Care Providers to be the Solution to Specialist Shortages

Looming specialist shortages promise to further hinder patient’s access to health care. Learn more about how eConsults can support PCPs in improving access.


The Primary Cares Initiative: How eConsults provide support

In April 2019, CMS announced the Primary Cares Initiative which is expected to reduce administrative burdens and increase patient care while decreasing healthcare costs. Learn more about the payment models of the Primary Cares Initiatives, and how eConsults directly support this new initiative.


Can access to specialist physicians mitigate burnout for primary care?

Provider burnout is on the rise and already affects many of our dedicated primary care physicians. Find out how eConsults help to alleviate burnout symptoms.


eConsults: An emerging tool to advance the PCMH

By Adam Darkins, August 2018. The Increasing Importance of Primary Care An aging population, the rising incidence and prevalence of obesity and other chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart failure and anxiety/depression, and the wide variety of information …


eConsults-alternative-curbside-consults Alternative to curbside consults: The eConsult-patient safety first!

Curbside consultation is routine for many physicians. However, a brief review on potential shortcomings of this practice is essential to ensure solutions are in place to enable the best possible patient care. eConsults addresse many issues within these informal exchanges, including missing or incomplete patient information, the lack of access to physical exam findings, and other relevant data and/or lab results.


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