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Telehealth implementation on a laptop. How telehealth implementation enabled a primary care group to meet patients’ health needs

Learn more about how one primary care practice rapidly succeeded in telehealth implementation, scaling video visit and eConsult capabilities to address key care needs for patients, especially chronic and comorbid, as well as enable practices to remain in operation at a much higher capacity than would be possible otherwise


CIN strategy How can eConsults help clinically integrated networks deliver better care and demonstrate value?

A Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) strategy that leverages eConsult technology can help physicians and health systems deliver better care at a lower cost.


how-to-improve-work-from-home-productivity How to improve work from home productivity–6 tips from a health tech executive

By, Pam Gould RN, MHAAristaMD Vice President Managed Care Having found ourselves in June 2020, much of the country who previously worked in office or healthcare center settings have found themselves asking: “How to improve work from home …


Illustration of digital health trends. 2020 Digital health trends, predictions & more

As we embark on 2020, one thing is for sure–that healthcare must not get caught on the heels of stagnation. Value-based care initiatives and an increasingly savvy consumer market are driving key market trends we expect growth within during the coming year.


The Primary Cares Initiative: How eConsults provide support

In April 2019, CMS announced the Primary Cares Initiative which is expected to reduce administrative burdens and increase patient care while decreasing healthcare costs. Learn more about the payment models of the Primary Cares Initiatives, and how eConsults directly support this new initiative.