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Dr. Chris Jaeger The Primary Cares Initiative: How value-based payment models aim to strengthen primary care

In April 2019, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the Primary Cares Initiative, which is expected to reduce administrative burdens and increase patient care while decreasing healthcare costs. Learn more the Primary Cares Initiative and its proposed value-based payment models in part one of this two-part blog series.


CMS reimbursement changes to include expansion for telehealth platforms

New CMS changes expand Medicare telehealth services and communicate a new interpretation of remote communication technologies.


MedTech Boston Managed Medicaid Plans must adopt digital telehealth solutions to secure reprocurement

Managed Medicaid plans could be losing out on millions of contracted lives (and money) by lagging in the adoption of digital telehealth resources to improve access to care and patient outcomes. Leveraging an eConsult solution is a proven way to increase access to high-quality care while lowering system cost, ensuring innovation scoring opportunities are not missed.


telehealth platform How eConsults aid FQHC reimbursement, maintain NCQA guidelines, and support the PCMH model

Dr. Kevin Ronan, Pediatrician and Senior Manager of Quality Assurance at Vista Community Clinic discusses his experience with telehealth and how healthcare innovations support the PCMH model.


accountable care organizations Accountable Care Organizations, explained

The Affordable Care Act seeks to reduce health care costs is by encouraging doctors, hospitals and other health care providers to form networks that coordinate patient care and fosters the formation of accountable care organizations (ACOs) in the Medicare program.