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health system revenue strategy How eConsults improve health system revenue strategy by optimizing referral management

eConsults are highly effective in facilitating successful revenue strategies for FFS health systems and provides a clear method for these health systems to improve delivery of care for health organizations, doctors, and patients alike.


Telehealth technology spotlight: The utility and benefit of store-and-forward, or asynchronous telehealth solutions

In the pursuit of healthcare’s holy grail (efficient, effective, and high-quality care), it’s important to assess all modalities of telehealth solutions, especially asynchronous telehealth, which can provide key support to the framework of strategies to improve access, efficiency, outcomes, as well as patient and provider experience.


eConsults reduce uncompensated care provided by rural hospitals eConsult platform use in community primary care settings reduces uncompensated care provided by hospitals

eConsult platform use in local primary care settings to improve “right time, right place, right provider care” have been shown to decrease the number of patients receiving avoidable and unnecessary care within the hospital setting, thus supporting hospital’s ability to mitigate uncompensated care.


4 ways econsults benefit fee for service health systems 4 Ways eConsults benefit and create value for fee-for-service health systems

While health systems are rapidly adopting telehealth platforms to support value-based care arrangements, these solutions also create significant value for traditional (fee-for-service) lines of business. In particular, eConsults benefit both the patient and provider by enhancing quality of care, efficiency and experience.


aristamd-safety-net-econsults Increase safety-net patient capacity by improving access to specialty care

By Adam Darkins, CSO, AristaMD Featured on Healthcare Analytics News December 2018 As community health centers (CHCs) are challenged to integrate care across the continuum and deliver value to safety net healthcare settings, they’re are also pushed to improve …