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patients-avoided-care-covid19-econsults eConsults: an essential piece of telehealth for chronic care management amidst the pandemic

Leveraging eConsults and other forms of telehealth for chronic care management can help healthcare organizations provide necessary care for chronic patients remotely.


Illustration of digital health trends. 2020 Digital health trends, predictions & more

As we embark on 2020, one thing is for sure–that healthcare must not get caught on the heels of stagnation. Value-based care initiatives and an increasingly savvy consumer market are driving key market trends we expect growth within during the coming year.


aristamd-safety-net-econsults Increase safety-net patient capacity by improving access to specialty care

By Adam Darkins, CSO, AristaMD Featured on Healthcare Analytics News December 2018 As community health centers (CHCs) are challenged to integrate care across the continuum and deliver value to safety net healthcare settings, they’re are also pushed to improve …