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eConsults eConsults decrease specialist referrals by 70%, saving $3M in annual referral costs per 100K members

Within value-based care models, it has become increasingly important for healthcare providers to focus on optimizing the referral process. eConsult platforms decrease healthcare costs that stem from unnecessary referrals, chronic disease management, and high-risk patients.


7 Survey stats you should know about unnecessary care

The ABIM Foundation has commissioned a survey to explore physician attitudes about overuse of medical services in the United States.


improve patient outcomes Why hospitals should not be patient resorts

Spending on frills has been climbing across the hospitality industry since 2010 and is now at a record high. This might make perfect sense for hotels—but with hospitals’ patient care costs already spiraling out of control, is this really the model they want to follow? Unsurprisingly, what patients actually care about is…well…getting great care.


How Harvard attacks the high cost of healthcare

Selberg and Peterson Healthcare are supporting a study in partnership with Harvard to understand and scale measures for reducing healthcare costs and improving patient outcomes.


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