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Telehealth technology spotlight: The utility and benefit of store-and-forward, or asynchronous telehealth solutions

In the pursuit of healthcare’s holy grail (efficient, effective, and high-quality care), it’s important to assess all modalities of telehealth solutions, especially asynchronous telehealth, which can provide key support to the framework of strategies to improve access, efficiency, outcomes, as well as patient and provider experience.


Doctor describing the benefits of telehealth. The benefits of telehealth within mental health care: A psychiatrist’s perspective on eConsults

The failure to support mental health care points to an acute need to address the issue with the best resources available, and the benefits of telehealth position these technologies as a key avenue moving forward.


Doctor and patient with enhanced network retention How eConsults are enhancing network retention via effective referral management

Patients are the lifeblood of any thriving health care network. Through effective referral management, these networks can dramatically enhance vital patient retention, which is key to the success of both fee-for-service (FFS) and value-based health care organizations.


Illustration of digital health trends. 2020 Digital health trends, predictions & more

As we embark on 2020, one thing is for sure–that healthcare must not get caught on the heels of stagnation. Value-based care initiatives and an increasingly savvy consumer market are driving key market trends we expect growth within during the coming year.


Reducing Patient Wait Times with Telehealth & eConsults How telehealth and eConsults are reducing patient wait times

Healthcare systems are faced with challenges in patient access and availability of care. As a result, innovative healthcare solutions are invaluable within efforts of reducing patient wait times. Telehealth solutions, such as eConsults, increase efficiency of care by improving access to specialists while also better optimizing time and place of care.