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AristaMD eConsults Brochure AristaMD eConsult Solution Overview Brochure

AristaMD’s eConsult solution increases specialist access at lower cost and with better patient outcomes. Our HIPAA compliant provider-to-provider communication platform provides access to specialists in over 70 specialties and subspecialties, allowing primary care physicians (PCPs) to deliver immediate …


Reducing Face-to-Face Specialist Referrals with eConsults [Infographic] Reducing Face-to-Face Specialist Referrals with eConsults

San Diego County Community Health Center North County Health Services (NCHS) is leveraging eConsults to significantly improve referral processes, increasing access to specialty care while improving quality of care and reducing excess healthcare spend. Their PCPs are empowered with specialty expertise within 24 hours to expand care capacities of primary care.


2018 Comparably Culture Awards AristaMD eConsult platform AristaMD Honored With Five 2018 Comparably Culture Awards

AristaMD, provider of an eConsult telehealth platform that connects primary care physicians with specialists to deliver more timely access to care, was recognized with five Comparably 2018 Culture Awards. Comparably’s awards are derived from employees who anonymously rate their employers on Comparably.com.


eConsults-alternative-curbside-consults Patient Safety First! eConsults Are Emerging as an Alternative to Traditional Curbside Consultations

Curbside consultation is routine for many physicians. However, a brief review on potential shortcomings of this practice is essential to ensure solutions are in place to enable the best possible patient care. eConsults addresse many issues within these informal exchanges, including missing or incomplete patient information, the lack of access to physical exam findings, and other relevant data and/or lab results.


aristamd-safety-net-econsults eConsults Increase Safety-Net Patient Capacity by Improving Access to Specialty Care

By Adam Darkins, CSO, AristaMD Featured on Healthcare Analytics News December 2018 At a time when community health centers (CHCs) are challenged to integrate care across the continuum and deliver value, eConsult platforms are a means of digitally enhancing …


Practical Dermatology Perspective on Teledermatology’s Present and Future with eConsult Specialist Featured in Practical Dermatology: Perspective on Teledermatology’s Present and Future

A dermatologist shares her experience offering eConsults and describes how teledermatology can expand access to care.


Comparably Top CEOs Brooke LeVasseur USA Today: 2018 Top 50 CEOs in the US, Including CEO of AristaMD Brooke LeVasseur

Brooke LeVasseur, CEO of AristaMD, has been included in Comparably’s 2018 round-up of top 50 US CEOs.

“The most successful businesses are led by amazing CEOs who serve as visionaries, in addition to being positive examples and support systems for their teams,” said Jason Nazar, Comparably CEO. “The chief executives on Comparably’s Best CEOs list were the highest rated by employees for their inspiring, transparent, and engaging leadership.”


Cost of Specialist Referrals Infographic Infographic: How Much Referrals are Costing and How Much Could be Saved

Unnecessary specialist referrals are costing our healthcare system Billions. More than $75B is spent annually on specialist referral costs in the US. Do you know everything that is contributing to this expenditure?


eConsult Reduced Healthcare Cost of Care eConsults Can Decrease Unnecessary Specialist Referrals by 70%, Saving $3M in Annual Referral Costs for Every 100K Members

Within value-based care models, it has become increasingly important for healthcare providers to focus on optimizing the referral process, referring patients to the right place at the right time. Health plans are missing out on critical programs to support this transition. In addition to increasing access to quality specialty care, eConsult platforms significantly decrease healthcare costs that stem from unnecessary referrals, chronic disease management, and high-risk patients.


Specialist Shortage- 5 Key Factors 5 Factors Contributing to the US Specialist Physician Shortage

There is a growing problem with access to specialty care. Many factors contribute to this specialist shortage, and the problem is only getting worse. Telehealth tools such as eConsults can help close the gap in care and ensure timely treatment for all.


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