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Featured in Healthcare Purchasing News: May 2019 top healthcare product picks

Featured in Healthcare Purchasing News, April 25 2019

Healthcare Purchasing News rounds up four of its top product picks for 2019, including the AristaMD eConsult platform as an example of telehealth technologies that are transforming the delivery of care.

eConsult solution


AristaMD’s eConsult platform empowers primary care providers with the ability to leverage specialist insight from hundreds of board-certified specialists in over 70 specialty and subspecialty areas. CMS’s 2019 fee schedule now includes reimbursement guidelines for Medicare eConsults. To provide PCPs the opportunity to leverage eConsults, AristaMD is offering a quick and easy way to start using the eConsult platform and get reimbursed for Medicare patients. It also claims to reduce unnecessary referrals, improve care coordination, reduce costs, and increase patient satisfaction.

Signing up is easy, contact us to find out how you could start leveraging Medicare eConsults at no cost to you, today!

Wearable cooling system for OR staff


The Cardinal Health CoolSource™ Cooling System, is a disposable solution designed to keep clinicians cool and comfortable in the OR by reducing heat-related stress, distractions and empowering clinicians to focus more on patient care. Heat stress is known to affect cognition, and the chronic stress response can have long-term physiological effects. Heat in the OR is a wide-spread and largely unaddressed pain point in operative settings, caused by temperature and humidity requirements aimed at preventing patient hypothermia and exacerbated by the need to wear several layers of personal protective equipment.

Cardinal Health

Single-use marker for spine and joint surgery

Viscot Left Hand Bottom7898

To improve joint and spinal procedures the Accumark™ single use marker from Viscot Medical, LLC has a new design that decreases the risk of infection with increased accuracy. The ink and metal marker are always aligned assuring a mark in the desired spot. Fast and safe, it’s a quick way to mark with less exposure to radiation. Accumark provides correct site marking as recommended by the Joint Commission Protocol for Correct Site Marking. It can be used to mark injection sites under fluoroscopy, marking for interventional radiology, and where a radiopaque device is required or needed.


Endoscopy sink for the SPD

Pure Processing Sink

The PureSteel Endoscopy Sink from Pure Processing LLC is designed to make endoscope soaking and pre-cleaning more ergonomic, consistent and compliant. The equipment gives technicians a dedicated space to soak, flush and rinse instruments per the manufacturer’s instructions for use (IFU). The sink comes with an LED-lit basin to assist technicians with leak testing as well as an integrated temperature gauge for monitoring enzymatic temperatures. Ergonomic features include an electric pushbutton that delivers precise personal height adjustment, ergonomic wrist edges to remove pinch points, and an under-sink storage shelf that raises and lowers to allow mopping, cleaning, and easy access to stored items.

Pure Processing LLC


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