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The eConsult experience–a telehealth technology spotlight

Learn more about healthcare leadership and providers’ experience using eConsults in our telehealth technology spotlight.

We’ve experienced a rapid expansion in the use and utility of telehealth clinical services. However, implementing this technology is often daunting to organizations that have not yet leveraged certain technologies. 

Hundreds of providers are successfully leveraging eConsults, an asynchronous “store-and-forward” telehealth platform to increase patient satisfaction, improve access to quality care and reduce healthcare costs. At AristaMD, we think it’s important to share the perspective of actual healthcare leaders and providers who have implemented and used an eConsult platform within clinical practice.

We asked our primary care providers to talk about the many benefits of using AristaMD’s eConsult platform in a telehealth technology spotlight. Our provider insights help us tell the story about how telehealth technology and eConsults are transforming the delivery of primary care. 

The eConsult experience: telehealth technology spotlight

telehealth technology spotlight

“When embraced, eConsults became a tool for providers to
help them become a ‘Super PCP.’ eConsults help PCPs to
serve as the sole provider to the patients.”

Dr. Christopher Dodd
Chief Care Transformation Officer, ConcertoHealth

“What we’re finding is that specialists are getting used to
expecting a high-quality referral from our clinics. These
referrals won’t require them to provide primary care in the
specialty care setting, which consumes resources better spent
and treating a higher acuity population.”

Dr. Denise Gomez
CMO, North County Health Services (NCHS)

telehealth technology spotlight
telehealth technology spotlight

“Timelier access allows us to avoid long standing undiagnosed
conditions and keep our patients healthier. In many cases we
now are able to determine, within hours, a diagnosis and how
to proceed with management of patient.”

Dr. Dara Richards
CMO, Southwest Community Health Center

“By decreasing unnecessary specialist visits, we are helping to
decrease cost of care across the system.”

Dr. Dara Richards
CMO, Southwest Community Health Center

telehealth technology spotlight

“There are many cases where a provider is looking for just
a little guidance, as opposed to sending a patient off to a
specialist. We can do a lot in clinic with the backup of a
trusted specialist to check in and ensure everything is going
okay regarding a plan of care. In a hospital, that is easy.
However, having this expertise available within a remote clinic,
for instance a timely electronic consult, is a huge value added.”

Dr. Kevin Ronan
Sr. Manager Quality Assurance, Vista Community Clinic (VCC)

“I let my patients know I will be consulting a specialist online and will let them know what they say. My patients LOVE that this can be done. Most of them don’t want to go to the specialist.”

Jennifer Young
NP, Vista Community Clinic (VCC)

telehealth technology spotlight

Download our telehealth technology spotlight testimonial booklet to hear more from our providers on what they have to say about eConsults.

A provider’s perspective on eConsult implementation

As technologies have appeared and demonstrated their value, providers have been at the forefront, forging paths toward implementation for the good of their patients. Hear from CHCCC family physician Dr. Patrick Welch on his experience in implementing eConsults at his clinic.

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