A guide to telehealth vendors in the age of COVID-19

April 7, 2020

Featured in Healthcare IT News, April 2020

Healthcare IT News offers an updated listing of telehealth vendors that can help hospitals and other provider organizations deliver quality virtual care.

Our nation is constantly working to improve the quality of and access to healthcare. As our entire healthcare system is being pushed to maximum capacity amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for innovative solutions to meet the demand of our country’s healthcare access challenges has never been greater. Especially during this time of strain, the ability to access necessary care is severely limited as focus must be upon those directly impacted by the virus.

Telehealth is playing an increasingly critical role within the healthcare system to limit unnecessary patient and provider exposure to COVID-19.

Healthcare IT News has released an updated collection of innovative telemedicine and telehealth vendors featuring AristaMDAmwellDrFirstVivifyHealth, and others that can help hospitals and other provider organizations deliver high-quality virtual care.

During this critical time when the country’s entire healthcare system is under great strain from the COVID-19 pandemic, patients with chronic conditions and ongoing specialty care needs must not be forgotten, the company said. Telemedicine consultations provide quick access to specialty care advice for PCPs treating their patients, in office settings or virtually.

On-demand specialty care guidance prevents delays in care and the escalation of medical issues while limiting a backlog of pending specialty referrals until the healthcare system returns to pre-pandemic norms, the company said. It is also critical for freeing up the higher-acuity settings for those most in need during this crisis.

For patient health and safety, as well as containment of the virus, AristaMD’s platform reduces the need for face-to-face visits. Especially important for at-risk patients, telehealth consultations help keep people out of specialists’ waiting rooms and emergency departments, reducing unnecessary exposure. By providing necessary specialty care quickly and virtually, this approach has the potential to increase patient satisfaction and improve outcomes.

AristaMD’s eConsult platform is prepared to increase support at scale with rapid implementation capability, minimal workflow disruption and non-limited volume capacity, the company explained.

As available resources are focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, there are still patients with pre-existing and chronic healthcare needs requiring care. These binary needs of equal importance establish far-reaching care delivery challenges that may permanently impact how healthcare is delivered moving forward.

AristaMD’s asynchronous eConsult platform (store-and-forward telehealth technology) is prepared to increase support at an exponential scale with rapid implementation capability, minimal workflow disruption, and non-limited volume capacity. Access to virtual specialist guidance reduces burden and potential exposures associated with additional specialist appointments in addition to properly triaging care to reduce downstream appointment backlog.