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Featured in Healthcare Purchasing News: May 2019 top healthcare product picks

Featured in Healthcare Purchasing News, April 25 2019

Healthcare Purchasing News rounds up four of its top product picks for 2019, including the AristaMD eConsult platform as an example of telehealth technologies that are transforming the delivery of care.

AristaMD’s eConsult platform empowers primary care providers with the ability to leverage specialist insight from hundreds of board-certified specialists in over 70 specialty and subspecialty areas. CMS’s 2019 fee schedule now includes reimbursement guidelines for Medicare eConsults. To provide PCPs the opportunity to leverage eConsults, AristaMD is offering a quick and easy way to start using the eConsult platform and get reimbursed for Medicare patients. It also claims to reduce unnecessary referrals, improve care coordination, reduce costs, and increase patient satisfaction.

Leverage Virtual Care and Telehealth to Improve Patient Care

​Industry experts shared their experiences with eConsults during our 2021 virtual care and telehealth conference. Watch the video below to learn more about how eConsults lower the cost of care, improve patient outcomes, and add revenue to the bottom line at primary care practices across the county.

Watch this session, Cindy Craddock, RN, to learn more about the referral review process, get examples of how eConsult telehealth delivers patient treatment plans for everyday and less common conditions, and how eConsults improve patient care as well as your practice.


Presenter: Cindy Craddock, RN Manger of Referral Nurse Navigators at AristaMD

To improve patient care and grow practice revenue, knowing why, when, and which patient referrals can be handled by an eConsult is critical. Provider-to-specialist consults are available in more than 70 specialties – from allergists to urologists and everything in between. Often, you and your referral coordinators aren’t familiar with the breadth of care that eConsults can provide, which delays patient care, damages practice quality metrics, and diminishes the number of services the practice can offer.