How Telehealth Systems Benefit Health Systems

eConsults Deliver Higher Patient Satisfaction and Retention, Improve Network Management

Implementing eConsults provides health system benefits across numerous cases. At any referring clinic: Treat more patients without a referral, ensure PCPs and specialists are operating at top of license, increase patient satisfaction, and reduce network leakage.

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How telehealth systems, like eConsults, benefit health systems

4 Ways eConsults Benefit and Create Value for Fee-For-Service Health Systems

Featured in Healthcare Innovation, Industry Voice, April 5, 2019 | By Chris Jaeger, Advisor for ACO and Health System Strategy

While health systems are rapidly adopting telehealth platforms to support value-based care arrangements, these solutions also create significant value for traditional (fee-for-service) lines of business. In particular, eConsults benefit both the patient and provider by enhancing the quality of care, efficiency, and experience.

While healthcare spending is higher in the U.S. than in many other countries, the U.S. isn’t leading its peers in clinical outcomes. In fact, it was ranked last place among the 11 countries for health outcomes, equity, and quality, despite having the highest per capita health earnings. Although hospitals are only one component of a health system, they are facing huge barriers in achieving quality and efficiency improvement.