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How AristaMD Uses CredSimple Credentialing for Efficient Specialist Onboarding

AristaMD was recently featured on CredSimple’s blog for our partnership using CredSimple’s credentialing capabilities as part of our eConsult product. As part of our commitment to ‘less-is-more’ when it comes to healthcare, we wanted to enable a credentialing …


Tech Options Helping Patients Wrest Control From Doctors

By Michelle Andrews of Kaiser Health News In his new book, “The Patient Will See You Now,” Dr. Eric Topol envisions patients as partners in their own health care rather than petitioners to the medical establishment. Armed with smartphones equipped with …


What Are The Real Costs For A Hospital?

It’s a novel approach. A Utah Hospital tries to cut unnecessary hospital costs and improve patient care by asking the question “What are our actual costs”. It’s a question that isn’t easy to answer. More importantly, it’s a question …


Why Too Much Medicine Is Making Us Sick

Dr. Iona Heath from Australia, is at the forefront of efforts worldwide to reduce and prevent over-diagnosis of disease. This is an outstanding interview with a challenging host — discussing the need for more discretion when it comes …


Why Hospitals Should Not Be Patient Resorts

As most hospital executives will acknowledge, operating margins are thin. Surprisingly, many hospitals aspire to improve patient satisfaction scores by offering resort-like amenities. Unsurprisingly, what patients actually care about is…well…getting great care. Focusing on resort-quality hospital stays increases …


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