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Get Smart About the Future of Healthcare with a Smart Care Platform

Posted: Monday, February 12, 2018

By Brooke LeVasseur, CEO and President.


An aging population with increasingly complex needs, coupled with a worsening specialist shortage, mean that timely access to healthcare is a struggle for millions of patients. For certain populations, access to specialty care is made even more difficult due to geography or health insurance status. According to a 2017 Merritt Hawkins Survey, many specialists won’t even accept Medicaid patients; with less than half of orthopedic surgeons, and only a third of dermatologists surveyed, in 15 metropolitan areas accepting Medicaid patients. When patients do get appointments, wait times can be upwards of several months. At AristaMD, we believe this is unacceptable.

AristaMD is committed to providing immediate access to specialty care in order to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. Our cloud-based Smart Care Platform connects primary care providers to a deep network of board-certified specialists, in order to consult on care plans and avoid the need for unnecessary face-to-face visits. The more appropriate triage of referrals and earlier delivery of specialty care results in a more efficient use of limited healthcare resources: getting patients the specialist care they need and ensuring higher acuity patients can get the in-person access to specialists that they require.

While millions of patients each year may require a specialist-guided treatment plan, there is no reason this care has to be delivered in person. Using eConsults, AristaMD’s primary care providers are able to initiate specialist-informed treatment plans without the need for patients to take time off from work, travel far from home or spend additional money out-of-pocket for additional visits.

One example of an eConsult in action is when a dermatology patient presents an undiagnosed rash to the primary care site. Using eConsults, the PCP can take a picture of the rash and submit it to a specialist to review through AristaMD’s secure Smart Care Platform. Within hours, a specialist recommendation is returned to the PCP, with instructions for how to treat this patient’s rash. 80 percent of dermatology cases submitted through our platform are resolved without the need to send the patient to a specialist for an in-person visit.

Getting patients immediate specialist access and reducing the need for face-to-face visits has a tangible impact on patients and is a more cost-effective and efficient way to deliver care.

For additional information about how our Smart Care Platform can impact outcomes and the bottom line, request a free demo today.

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