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Alcohol Abuse

PCP referral to a specialist

Review an example of a PCP referral to a specialist for Psychiatry/ Addiction Medicine.

Five Ways eConsults Support Value-based Care and Diabetes Telehealth

Initiation and Engagement of Alcohol and Other Drug Dependence Treatment

Alcohol misuse and consumption changes during Covid-19 caused an elevated rate of alcohol use disorder by 21%, compared to previous years. Learn how you can initiate and engage treatment for your patients by learning the 2022 changes and exclusions. A PCP referral to a specialist can provide assistance in the management of alcohol and drug dependence treatment.

Not only does the elevated rate of alcohol consumption cause a backlog of visits to the hepatologist, but it also creates an urgent need for those dealing with addiction to see a Psychiatrist or Psychologist. 12% of adults are reporting specific negative impacts on their mental health and well-being from Covid-19, such as increases in alcohol consumption or substance use.

Learn how you can initiate and engage treatment for your patients by learning the:

  • Definition
  • 2022 changes
  • Exclusions

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Leverage Virtual Care and Telehealth to Improve Patient Care

Presenter: Cindy Craddock, RN Manger of Referral Nurse Navigators at AristaMD

To improve patient care and grow practice revenue, knowing why, when, and which patient referrals can be handled by an eConsult is critical. Provider-to-specialist consults are available in more than 70 specialties – from allergists to urologists and everything in between. Often, you and your referral coordinators aren’t familiar with the breadth of care that eConsults can provide, which delays patient care, damages practice quality metrics, and diminishes the number of services the practice can offer.