Behavioral Health of New York City IPA: Strategies to improve patient care access

Tracy Schneider, LCSW-R, CEO of Behavioral Health of New York City IPA

Tracy Schneider, LCSW-R, CEO of Behavioral Health of New York City IPA, explains how the AristaMD platform allows the organization to accomplish a variety of very pragmatic tasks in a very efficient way. It allows us to verify insurance coverage and in-network status for patients, which is very important because some referring providers are more diligent at screening their patients. If a person’s coming from a, a hospital where they’ve been 10 times, their insurance may have changed, but that system may not have updated their insurance. The hospital is sending information that may or may not be accurate.  With AristaMD we know right away if the patient’s insurance information is accurate or not. That really helps us not waste time on patients that may not be in the network.

BHNYC IPA talks to referring providers who often say: how do I know which agency to send this patient? The platform allows the referring provider, using an algorithm and the patient’s insurance information, to route that referral without looking up additional information about the patient’s insurance coverage or other details. For example, patient care access is often difficult for patients that only speak Spanish. The referral management platform tells the provider which of BHNYC IPA specialist have Spanish speaking providers .

Build a strong referral network in less time with less staff 

For specialty care practices, referrals are crucial for growth and financial stability. However, quality referrals depend on the completion of timely communication from the referring clinic. Without high-quality, pertinent patient information, referral processing becomes an operational nightmare fueled by faxing, follow-up emails and frequent phone calls. Improving referral quality and communication allows the practice to grow and provide quality care in an efficient and timely manner. AristaMD’s platform enables the practice to:

  • Achieve operational efficiency
  • Grow appointment and referral volume
referral tracking software for patient care access

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