TrueCare: Care Efficiency for Underserved Patient Populations

NCHS Case Study

Like many non-profit Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) that work with underserved patient populations, TrueCare faces significant challenges in obtaining specialty care for its patients. Reasons that vulnerable patients – a group that includes the elderly, rural residents and immigrants- experience difficulty accessing specialty care include a scarcity of specialists who accept Medicaid due to low reimbursement and patients’ own difficulty in arranging childcare and/or transportation. This leads to long wait times for appointments, reduced access to care and deteriorating health for Medicaid patients unable to obtain needed specialty care.

Read more about how TrueCare solved significant issues in access to specialty care for their safety net patient population through the AristaMD platform.

Support for underserved patient populations

Tools for the Transition to Value-Based Care

Value-based care is a trending topic and an industry buzzword. Value-based care payment models emphasize quality over quantity of care. Providers are rewarded for improving — health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

While CMS and other payers incentivize primary care providers to raise the overall quality of care by rewarding providers for efficiency and efficacy. The programs offer a few actionable steps to make value-based care a reality.

Deliver Better, More Efficient Care

Truly, the answer is as simple as eConsults. eConsults are proven to save patients money and reduce the cost of care for both providers and payers.

eConsults serve as a preventive measure in specialist backlogs and worsened health outcomes resulting from delayed patient care. Additionally, eConsults improve the accessibility of quality care to those in lower-income, rural and other underserved areas.

5 ways to improve the U.S. healthcare system for underserved patient populations

Creating Change: Life Lessons and 5 Ways to Improve U.S. Healthcare

As part of their leaders in healthcare series, Authority Magazine discusses origin stories, unique company values, and life lessons with virtual care company AristaMD’s CEO, Brooke LeVasseur. This interview also delves into into challenges faced and key changes to be made to improve the US healthcare system.

What’s the Most Interesting Story that Happened to You?

At AristaMD, we take great pride in our best-in-class technology platform, directing a lot of resources towards this effort. However, one of our most successful initiatives was born completely out of a mix of happenstance and necessity.

Prior to raising our Series B round of funding, we were operating with limited resources, and providers were finding our V1 app solution to be time consuming and clunky. In response to that, we launched a white-glove nurse offering in which we provided nursing staff that could act as an extension of a clinic and take up all the heavy manual lifting that previously the clinics were supposed to support. This simple, low-tech offering was a complete game changer and overnight resulted in exponential growth in adoption of our solution. In healthcare, listening to the customer is so important versus building tech in a vacuum!

Today we now offer a variety of solutions, employing full technical integrations as well as continuing to support numerous clients with our nurse extension program. I love our team’s creative, tool-agnostic approach to solving client problems..