The Health Care Blog interview with AristaMD CEO Brooke LeVasseur

July 11, 2019

The Health Care Blog

The Health Care Blog spotlights AristaMD CEO, Brooke LeVasseur. The average wait time to see a specialist is one to two months, and the proportion of specialist visit no shows is incredibly high, at 40% in Medicare populations. AristaMD provides an efficient way for PCPs to leverage specialist expertise within practice to initiate specialty-guided treatment within the primary care setting, drastically improving access to timely care.

“AristaMD is in the eConsult space. The main mission of eConsults is to empower providers to get patients faster access to care. There is a huge problem today with getting patients in to see a specialist in a timely fashion. There are a bunch of reasons for this such as, we have a large aging population and a shortage of trained specialists. These two factors come together to mean that patients are waiting weeks or even months to get in to see a specialist and get the care they need. eConsults are a really efficient way for primary care providers to tap into the expertise of specialists and get recommendations on care plans in a matter of hours to immediately start executing on a treatment plan without patients having to wait or to travel to see a specialist. That’s what we are all about.”

Tune in to hear more about the challenges in access to care patients face in today’s healthcare system, and how eConsults are making an impact. In addition, you will hear more from Brooke LeVasseur on how the AristaMD eConsult platform works, plus you can access an exclusive demo of the solution.